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"I paint myself and unpaint me. I assemble and disassemble, in faithful reflex of my cyclical nature. " 2017


Jesica Antonelli is an abstract painter based in Stuttgart (Germany) since 2021.

She was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1980. She was linked with drawing since her first childhood, performing different artistic workshops. In 2003 she graduated as Professor of Painting at the National School of Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón (I.U.N.A). Subsequently she performed post-graduate seminars at the Post Graduate Art School Ernesto de la Cárcova. From 2004 to 2007 she served as assistant professor at the IUNA, and she also was in charge of drawing and painting workshops in Buenos Aires and in Vicente López City.


In 2006 she made a trip to Europe, where she made a tour to several Art Museums and took contact with the great master oeuvres. She visited Madrid, Barcelona, Paris and Amsterdam since she feels a deep admiration for the German Expressionists, the Fauves, the Cobra Group, and abstract expressionists of the mid-twentieth century.

From 2008 to 2011 she worked of an art auctions gallery in Buenos Aires City, where she got familiar with this market sector. Private Collections in the country own her ouvres.


Main individual exhibitions since 2003: (2012-13-15), ART GALLERY AG ARTE, at Santa Fe district; CULTURAL COOPERATION CENTER FLOREAL GORINI (2008); FRENCH ALLIANCE (Belgrano City, 2007); UCES Showroom; (2004); CULTURAL CENTER GENERAL SAN MARTIN.



what I do

I am inspired by the combination of disciplines such as art and graphic design, exploring the contrast between the artisan and the industrial, the geometry of urban design and the looseness of nature.

I found in "PAINTING-COLLAGE" a good way to combine both aspects, looking for the balance between the color paper plane and the brush's gesturality. Acrylic is a good way to work with immediacy because of its quick drying that allows it to come and go, overlap and correct, adjust and loosen without the material being filled.

what I'm 
looking for

what I think 

Painting as a spiritual search, of inner development and self-knowledge, plus the plastic challenge of capturing beauty and exploring infinite compositional balances in a tireless game of form, color and matter.

The work as "windows" to the soul of the painter, frame that frames and opens a door inwards. Rescue of  hidden worlds, through the metaphor of landscapes, fields and gardens .... "the house - the tree - the cloud", self-referential symbology, essential theme  of childhood drawing  updated in the adult regard.




(2016) - SPACE 6 GRADES (Núñez, C.A.B.A.- Argentina.)
(2015) - AG ART GALLERY - (Sta. Fe- Argentina.) Expo "Highlights"
(2013) - AG ART GALLERY- (Sta. Fe- Argentina.) Expo "Wild Garden"
(2012) - AG ART GALLERY- (Sta. Fe) Expo "Beyond the landscape"
(2008) - FRENCH ALLIANCE (Belgrano- Argentina.).
(2007) - UCES EXHIBITION ROOM.- Argentina.
(2004) - GRAL. SAN MARTÍN CULTURAL CENTER - Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Room.- Argentina.


(2006) - QUINTA TRABUCCO PARK- "AMONG EVERYONE", with IUNA teachers. - Argentina.
(2005) - INDIGO ARTGALLERY - Exhibits with Ricardo Roux.
(2004) - ESMERALDA SPACE - "Something to 2" - Books of Artist and Visual Poetry (Curated by Juan Carlos Romero). 
- Argentina.
(2004) - GRAL. SAN MARTÍN CULTURAL CENTER- Graduates of Pueyrredón (Cathedra of Painting by Cristina Dartiguelongue).
(2003) - LUJÁN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY - Postgraduate Headquarters (C.A.B.A,
- Argentina.)


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